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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The compelling case for REITS: Part 1

Gary you whining little lying bitch, I still have your number.  I have 16 more parts to write in the Baby Bull Series but today we gonna focus on REITS. Pay attention, you might learn a thing or two and might be able to stop begging for handjobs. Did I say handjobs? I meant handouts. 

First off I am biased. I am very highly personally invested in REITS. Second, I am very diversified, with US forming about 30% of my REITS and US Retail REITS forming 12% of my portfolio. That said, I have analyzed this 7 different ways and the extreme pessimism surrounding REITS with these minuscule rate hikes makes me giggle like the first time I caught a glimpse of a boob in 6th grade.

Second point to address. The media loves to sell negativity. Everyone is focused on JC Penny, Macy’s and Sears. Current Retail space demand is enough to fill all of that and still require additional prime (Prime fellas prime not C and D grade) space.
A small, tiny, sampling of retailers expanding in 2017 (and some previous ones from late 2016). I used screenshots instead of links, but you can google these yourself. I do not have time to write more, so I will just leave with you this.

1) Starbucks

2) Save-A-Lot
  3) 7-11
  4) Autozone
  5) Cotton-On
  6) Dollar General
  7) Dollar Tree
  8) H&M
  9) Primark

  10) Racetrac

11) TJX

  12) Tractor Supply

 13) Under Armour

Total planned store openings?
Approximately 80,000 over the next 18 months-2 years. Source RBC Capital Markets Research 
Presented in Kimco Realty's (NYSE:KIM) presentation. 

Yep. Complete unmitigated disaster in mall space. 

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