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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Dark Climber Rises...Again!

Bringing this post upfront as it felt appropriate with Gary taking yet another stab (I think that word "stab" was probably designed with Gary's rapey intentions towards his subs) at making another all or none bet.

Since we are in the holiday spirit, I thought it might be nice to have some more fun at Gary's expense. Link to video above from time point 1.05 (there is apparently no way to directly start a YouTube video at a certain time within a blog post).

I have modified the dialogue below to show how Gary talks to his subs.

Blind Gary: You fear blowing up your account. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak.

Newbie Trader: Why?

Blind Gary: How can you be the smart money, make millions in the market, retire at a young age and spend all your time climbing, without using the most powerful destructive tool ever created….the 3X leveraged funds.

Newbie Trader: I do fear missing out on the Stock Bull Run. I fear making 20% a year while your other subscribers become millionaires and call me the "dumb money".

Blind Gary: Then take the risk

Newbie Trader: How?

Blind Gary: As the Smart Money would. By Buying the decaying 3X leveraged funds. On Maximum Margin. Then hope will find you again.

Unfortunately, it is here that the story really changes from the video above.

Newbie Trader takes the plunge (metaphorically AND Literally). Buys 3X Funds on margin.

Broker offers to set stop loss (the rope?)...but Newbie Trader declines.

Accounts goes to zero 3 weeks later.

The end. 
For more on Gary's atrocious calls and his ability to rape the small investor while enriching himself with yearly subscription fees, please read http://smartmoneytrackerpremium-exposed.com/

Monday, December 25, 2017

Decay and the devil

Just another quick post on how decay in 3X funds destroys any chances of making money.

Since Gary’s earliest calls for a Gold bubble in november 2011, NUGT has lost a cool 99.8% of its value.

So if NUGT goes up about 500 fold from here...Gary will break even! Merry Christmas.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Baby Bull: How one man spotted 60 of the last zero bull markets: Part 5

Updated and brought to the front as many are considering shorting the VIX and this still cracks me up.

Parts 1-4 can be found in the archives.

Part5: TVIX edition.
So before Gary was sure that the Fed had his back and ass, Gary was a little more sceptical on the bull market. He wanted to make a killing by buying leveraged VIX products, which he expected to go up 300% plus. Legend has it that many subscribers warned him of the decay but Gary would not be fazed. He had Titanium balls and a pliant ass.

In true Gary style he bought TVIX on March 6th

Gary's blog was a lot nastier looking back in the day and the only way to read it was to actually highlight the text.
Click images for larger view

Summary: Gary was unfazed by a small drawdown in VIX. He knew  a stock market crash was coming (No Fed and Bankers back in the day) and he thought way before the decay he would make 300% in TVIX. He added that the chances of losing 50% on this trade were "pretty slim". I shit you not. 

So what happened?

Gary's purchase and sale are marked (Sidebar: Annotating charts with a mouse for a pen sucks ass). 

Yep 64% loss in 14 trading days. Followed by an exit. 

But wait! There is more!
You would think that Gary would be apologetic as hell and spend his time alternating between ass kissing and ball fondling, OK he does that anyway...but still.

Gary instead took the opportunity just after his big fuck up, to impart a few more lessons on his flock.  Yep. 

Yeah Gary. Thanks. We wouldn't want to do anything stupid. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

3X Funds......Gary's weapon of choice for raping newbies

Gary keeps harping on how well certain 3X Funds have done.
First, while that might be true, the results do not immediately extrapolate to another asset class such as Gold shares where volatility is whole degree higher.

Second, timing 3X purchases is very important. Just see what would have happened if you listened to Gary's unambiguous, clear as semen after 10 minutes, call to buy Gold in 2011. How much would you be down?

Monday, September 11, 2017

YRAG Inverse Gary Savage ETF listed!!!!

NASDAQ today listed a new etf YRAG. This etf basically aims to replicate 300% of the inverse performance of GARY SAVAGE. Since Savage frequently dabbles in 3x etf, you get up to 9x positive returns. Over the past 7 years YRAG would have been up 70,000% with no negative periods. Past performance IS a guarantee of future performance in this case.

To understand this ETF better please see Glossary below.

1)    Dumb-money: Everyone except Gary Savage

2)  Smart-Money: Gary Savage. Smart-Money accumulates positions often decades ahead of the up-move.

3)   Red-Arrows: Shows the most likely direction the shown stock/etf/Commodity will NOT take

4)   Trial Offer: A $1-$10 special that will land up costing subscribers 10,000 times as much.

5)    Bubble Phase: When subscribers get gas due to indigestion following large losses.

6)    Mania Phase: Follows shortly after when Gary gets the occasional call right.

7)    Baby Bull: When Gary lays it on thick, but not too thick.

8)    Retail: The ones that Gary lures in.

9)   Bankers: The ones that actually make money. They neutralize every good move that Gary makes. It is estimated that Gary would be worth 73 Quadrillion if not for the bankers.

10) Model Portfolio: What the returns would have been if Gary actually lived in Squirrel Pant pressing land.

11) Terminating Model Portfolio: An event that happens at least once in 3 months usually on a weekend. Model portfolios are reactivated within 3 weeks or 12 blowjobs, whichever comes (pun intended) first. 

12)  Stops: Retroactively decided prices where Gary felt it best to to have exited in hindsight. 

13)  Undercut: Second chance to offer “Trial Offer” to “Retail”.

14)  Old Turkey: A haggled subscriber who is usually 90-99% underwater on his 3X ETF purchase.

15) PPTA group of individuals who spend every moment of their lives keeping the stock market from going down and take a break only when Gary goes long leveraged SPY products.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gary NEVER SOLD AT $1,275 Gold

Reposted up for newer fools he is recruiting.

I stand by my assertion that Gary’s deletion of his JNUG trade from his spreadsheet and claims that he is up 154% over 2 years does not protect him from a class action lawsuit by all those who lost money following his advice. While his trading powers rivalling a drunk monkey humping a pointy branch can be covered under his disclaimer, his deliberate, misleading and completely inaccurate marketing is not. In fact anyone who has lost serious money should be able to sue him just based on that. If he is actually a millionaire, you should be able to recoup all your losses.

One thing I noticed was that Gary’s entire fa├žade rests on convincing people that he sold JNUG at the first sign of Gold breaking $1,275. While I have provided plenty of proof here, below is a lot more proof that Gary NEVER sold. A few months back I subscribed to Gary just to provide this to you. My generosity knows no bounds. 

SMT has a hard time outperforming Treasury Bills without heavy doctoring of trades. But I like his confidence.

NO losing trades in a bull market....but Gary can make that happen.  

Reloaded more? as in never sold at first. Model portfolio still long after the big drop in JNUG and Gold closing below $1,275.  

He is right. Gary did not get to where he is in life by following the law-abiding non-deceitful ways of the "herd". 

Nowhere near Gary's target and we are in the middle of Spring. I am guessing mmwilson is not "just happy" today. 

If you entered too early, where is the entry and exit documented in your spreadsheet dipshit? Oh I forgot..no exit. 

And finally below some more comments from that time. Note the 75% loss comment. All of this is conspicuously missing from Gary's trading record. 

Drewv, you my friend actually have the balls Gary keeps pretending to have. Well said bro. 

Now for a little tough love. There are people who have seen all the proof of Gary and still refuse to stand up to him on his blog for fear of being banned/their subscription canceled. Your subscription fees are a sunk cost. If you honestly believe Gary has something positive to offer you (Beyond the ultimate contrary indicator) then I have no sympathy for you. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Baby Bull: How one man spotted 60 of the last zero bull markets: Part 8

Parts 1-7 can be read in the archives.
Gary relentlessly makes wild calls which have no bearing in reality.
 $500 Silver.
 $1,000 NUGT.
$10,000 Gold.
And yet eventually a few dodos find their way to his subscription. Previously Gary hid in the shadows and nobody had documented his “work”. Now, in spite of large evidence to the contrary (this and SMT-exposed sites, both visible with simple Google searches), why do people subscribe? I have two theories here.
1)    The average IQ is 100 and the people subscribing are really, really dumb….we are talking sub 85 here.
2)    People actually believe they are smart enough to separate out  his very few “good” calls ( and I am going to say those are less than 5%) from his repeated bad “calls”.

Whatever the case may be, I think the evidence on his stupidity should have reached a critical mass, but it has not. That bothers me.  So here is another post documenting some of his more recent really stupid calls.

Gary called for another 500% to 1,000% rally on JNUG to suck in another round of subscribers in the beginning of 2017. If you fell for it, the only 500 you made out with was the donation you gave Gary's "Just see if I give a fuck" foundation.

JNUG actually rallied less than 15% from that point. and now is down 50% from point of his call.

Note that absolute prices are different due to yet another split impacting the 3X funds.

Let's look at another. Gary calling for a decline in the EURO and a bottom in the USD.

These are particularly instructive as Gary has been calling for the USD to crash for the better part of, AND I SHIT YOU NOT,.....A DECADE.

So the moment Gary actually gets a slight decline in the $USD, Gary starts calling for a bottom. This was wrong and the EURO rallied another 400 pips above that level with the $USD declining another 3.5%. 

These simple calls illustrate Gary's modus operandi. 
1) Keep calling for something.

2) Be wrong for months to years.

3) Claim victory as soon as the market finally turns.

4) "Book" minuscule gains and try to lure new subscribers in by giving the appearance of being cautious.

 "Look at me, I took small gains, so when I call for $70 trillion price of Silver I am not just breathing asscrack air all the time...am I?"

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I get the feeling KWN is a fan of Heath Ledger

Is it really that hard to get a different pic for your scary headlines King World News?
It might be as they come up with 7 crash predictions a week, so unless they want to start using random memes from the internet, they have to recycle.

Still at some point it just looks silly (you fucks are far past that KWN).

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Andrew Maguire: Dickwad Extraordinaire

Just when you thought the shit coming from Kingworldnews could not get crazier, this is what they print.

Yeah someone “deleted” part of Andrew Maguire’s interview about a major event happening in 26 days.
What did they delete?
They deleted Andrew saying “Massive buying in the gold market will come in 26 days.”
Oh poor baby.
I guess that means people are trying to prevent you from getting your message out.
You know the same message you tried to get out 2015.

Or in 2013. 

Or in 2011

So if the message did get deleted, don't worry, we will find it with a google search.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Real Returns of Gary Savage: Part 2

Part 1: Can be read here.
Gary exited his DUST position this morning, 

much to the surprise of his followers who he kept telling over the past 2 weeks that he was going to make big bucks on this one.

Surprise mother fucka!

Leaving Gary down just 69.55% for the year. My dog trades better than that.