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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Still falling for you (r bullshit) Gary Savage

Manipulation Part 2 will be delayed as we had to bring you this more urgently.

So we have a charlatan who claims his “Model portfolio” is up 150%. I had my doubts. So I subscribed just to see what the fuck was going on.

Below was the second entry point of our genius. JNUG was at $23 at the time on August 31st. Note he had already committed 50% at higher prices. 


What followed was absolutely awful. Gold smashed through $1,275 and JNUG was down 40% in a flash. Did Gary sell? He found it hard to believe that many on his blog including me, got this right. He also found it hard to sell. In fact he was ready to back up the truck and advised never, never to sell into an oversold market. 

Some relevant comments from the discussion.

At this point with JNUG around $12, model portfolio was already down to a small 25% gain. This was the same model portfolio that had been blown to zero multiple times before. 3 days later he was totally convinced the bottom as in.

Even telling this poor soul who was down $90,000 that he should not sell.

While his subs were devastated, Gary's pie in the sky targets continued. He added three more "buys" over the next few days.

 But one sub stated the whole truth. "RESET THE MODEL PORTFOLIO BACK TO 100"

But Gary kept adding “buys" and more fanciful ideas to keeps subs on the losing trade. 

Even from $12, JNUG suffered another 70% loss before bottoming so Gary's refusal to give up on 3X ETFs had some bad results. Further, he added that Gold was going to test the highs in the next daily cycle and exceed $1,400 by November 13th or so. 

Finally, Gary did what all men of his low calibre do when faced with a large mess of their own doing. He blamed someone else and HE TERMINATED the MODEL PORTFOLIO. 

This is classic Gary. 

1) There is no natural scenario where Gold suffers repeated premarket attacks to cap price below $1,275 (so your trading only works when there is no manipulation which you repeatedly have said plagues the Gold market?)

2) There is no natural scenario where a daily gold cycle tops on day 2 (yeah there is you fuck, it is when you get the count wrong)

3) I just have no idea how to trade (Just stop right there Gary. You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

But Gary was not done in his Squirrel Pant Pressing land.....His Model portfolio was still up 54%!!! This was astonishing to say the least as someone else had confirmed that it was down to 25% at much higher prices for JNUG. Regardless he terminated the model portfolio. From here on out he was not going to use the Model Portfolio. 

About a month later. 

AND we are back!!!!!!!!!!! In fact the very first comment brought this up, but Gary dodged the question. Mind you Gary would have to close his old trades likely bringing his "Model portfolio" down by 90% but he just glazed over this and closed his portfolio on a day the markets were closed. My friend, I would like you to realize that people cannot close out real world positions on holidays. 

Regardless, JNUG was closed at an 80% (from $22.5 to $4.5) loss somewhere between December 22 and December 27.

Gary Savage/Toby Connor, you keep fucking up....so as Ellie Goulding would ask...(Why are your subs) Still falling for you?

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