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Friday, April 21, 2017

The real returns of Gary Savage

It is truly a wonder that in this age of search engines, people are still, still subscribing that to that idiot.

Or maybe it is because he lacks them (subscribers) that he makes desperate comments like these.

He is referencing his “Leveraged Metals portfolio.” We have seen that numerous times over the past few years he has “reset” this portfolio because once you get to -80% you are never gonna really come back. But I decided to calculate what the real returns would be if he just included one set of trades which I have documented before. His infamous JNUG/NUGT trade in July 2016.
A full blowjob by blowjob account can be found in my finest work here.

Briefly recapping, 

Gary bought, JNUG and NUGT and repeatedly told his subs NOT TO SELL and then terminated the model portfolio ON A HOLIDAY.

Yet that is the exact time he restarted his portfolio which he claims is up 154% today!
Wow a clean slate.

Below is his spreadsheet. He has no open trades so this is all past information. I am not disclosing his "trade secrets", although If I were to guess his trade secrets they probably would read something like
a) Come up with 15 trading rules.
b) Ignore them at every chance you get.
c) Criticize all my subs for doing the same.
d) Blame every failed trade on the bankers.

Note he started with a round number of $150,000. So Gary is implying...based on his final number that all his trades before that had a nice exact plus 50% return. 

He started initially with $100,000, at December 27 it was $150,000 and now it is $254,353 for a 154% return. Please click on image for larger view. I could not upload as a spreadsheet as it looked terrible. 

So I added one more thing at the bottom. We have ample evidence that he bought NUGT and JNUG in July and closed them in late December. I used some basic math to figure

1)    how much his starting portfolio had to be to land with $150,000 after those trades
2)    His ACTUAL (NOT HIS FUCK FANTASY) returns to date.

I shit you not….his starting portfolio would have to be
If you ever needed a divine sign not to listen to this moron please use this.

Sidebar: I recently watched “The Omen” and it was fucking awesome!!!!!!!

And his actual returns          NEGATIVE 61.85%

Two year running total? You just left out your biggest disaster and your spreadsheet starts 4 months back you fuckwad!! 

Gary such level of deception should get you in Jail. I am not kidding bro. Deletion of such facts and awful repeated lying and misrepresentation is not covered under your “Gary Savage LLC is not responsible” bullshit clauses. 

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