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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

3X Funds......Gary's weapon of choice for raping newbies

Gary keeps harping on how well certain 3X Funds have done.
First, while that might be true, the results do not immediately extrapolate to another asset class such as Gold shares where volatility is whole degree higher.

Second, timing 3X purchases is very important. Just see what would have happened if you listened to Gary's unambiguous, clear as semen after 10 minutes, call to buy Gold in 2011. How much would you be down?

Monday, September 11, 2017

YRAG Inverse Gary Savage ETF listed!!!!

NASDAQ today listed a new etf YRAG. This etf basically aims to replicate 300% of the inverse performance of GARY SAVAGE. Since Savage frequently dabbles in 3x etf, you get up to 9x positive returns. Over the past 7 years YRAG would have been up 70,000% with no negative periods. Past performance IS a guarantee of future performance in this case.

To understand this ETF better please see Glossary below.

1)    Dumb-money: Everyone except Gary Savage

2)  Smart-Money: Gary Savage. Smart-Money accumulates positions often decades ahead of the up-move.

3)   Red-Arrows: Shows the most likely direction the shown stock/etf/Commodity will NOT take

4)   Trial Offer: A $1-$10 special that will land up costing subscribers 10,000 times as much.

5)    Bubble Phase: When subscribers get gas due to indigestion following large losses.

6)    Mania Phase: Follows shortly after when Gary gets the occasional call right.

7)    Baby Bull: When Gary lays it on thick, but not too thick.

8)    Retail: The ones that Gary lures in.

9)   Bankers: The ones that actually make money. They neutralize every good move that Gary makes. It is estimated that Gary would be worth 73 Quadrillion if not for the bankers.

10) Model Portfolio: What the returns would have been if Gary actually lived in Squirrel Pant pressing land.

11) Terminating Model Portfolio: An event that happens at least once in 3 months usually on a weekend. Model portfolios are reactivated within 3 weeks or 12 blowjobs, whichever comes (pun intended) first. 

12)  Stops: Retroactively decided prices where Gary felt it best to to have exited in hindsight. 

13)  Undercut: Second chance to offer “Trial Offer” to “Retail”.

14)  Old Turkey: A haggled subscriber who is usually 90-99% underwater on his 3X ETF purchase.

15) PPTA group of individuals who spend every moment of their lives keeping the stock market from going down and take a break only when Gary goes long leveraged SPY products.