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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yen and Commodities

People draw correlations where there are none, at least not consistently.
While Yen and Gold have had a buxom buddy friendship of late, they were not always joint at the hip, or the boobies.

Between 2001 and 2008 the Yen Index was up 7%, while commodities (as defined by CRB) had their biggest 8 year rally.
Oil was up 14 fold during this time.
In 2008-2009 Yen had a big spike and was up 20% while commodities crashed.
Between 2009 and 2012, Yen Index went up another 15% while oil moved from $35 to $100 and most commodities did very well.
Between 2012 and mid 2014 Yen Index went down 20% and commodities stayed flat.
Between late 2014 and 2016 Yen index went down another 15% and commodities crashed.

I dare you to find the correlation between Yen and the CRB from the above data.

Blogger is harder than it looks.

I am working on my home page and I am aware that it looks like crap. I am trying to make it look like organized crap so you don't actually physically hurl every time you visit my site ( I am considerate that way)...but my knowledge of this is about 2% better than Gary's knowledge of the markets ...so it will be slow. In the interim send me the bill for the anti-emetics.

Please Sir, May I have another?

So this post is the first question and my main thought on the subject. It is an expansion of a comment I posted.
The mantra of everyone that speaks on King World News is that Gold is manipulated lower. The price should be several fold (several percent....you really cannot get all of these people to agree) higher. Thinking rationally one can reach two conclusions from that if one believes it .
1) Thanks for making it cheaper….can you please manipulate my hooker costs in New York next?

2) I will not trade it where the Powers that be have obviously been successfully manipulating it forever.
How the Fuck do you go from “This shit is heavily manipulated to the downside and I am fighting all the central banks together” to “Let me leverage my ass by buying a 3X leveraged etf, where the underlying itself (gold stocks) is leveraged 3X to the price of Gold because I am a freaking glutton for punishment. I will take 900% leverage to the price of Gold because I am hoping against hope that my tiny purchase of 5 ounces of Gold and 300 shares of NUGT will break the Central Banks. ”
This I need to understand. Please explain your masochism.  I know very few people read this blog at present, so please spread the word. I would like to specially hear from the ones that have shrines dedicated to Gold and have set KingWorldNews.com as their home page.

The Title

The title of this site can be read as Gold Bugs Pray.....which would be appropriate as they seem to believe a lot more in the end of the world than the average person.
It is however GoldBug Spray, as in insecticide for the Gold Bugs. Gold bugs make ludicrous claims and it is my aim to get them to act a little bit more rationally with their portfolios and perhaps their lives.
I will try and dissect one argument a week. I will also repost my comments from other sites as a lot of my timeless wisdom is already contained in it.