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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Dark Climber Rises...Again!

Bringing this post upfront as it felt appropriate with Gary taking yet another stab (I think that word "stab" was probably designed with Gary's rapey intentions towards his subs) at making another all or none bet.

Since we are in the holiday spirit, I thought it might be nice to have some more fun at Gary's expense. Link to video above from time point 1.05 (there is apparently no way to directly start a YouTube video at a certain time within a blog post).

I have modified the dialogue below to show how Gary talks to his subs.

Blind Gary: You fear blowing up your account. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak.

Newbie Trader: Why?

Blind Gary: How can you be the smart money, make millions in the market, retire at a young age and spend all your time climbing, without using the most powerful destructive tool ever created….the 3X leveraged funds.

Newbie Trader: I do fear missing out on the Stock Bull Run. I fear making 20% a year while your other subscribers become millionaires and call me the "dumb money".

Blind Gary: Then take the risk

Newbie Trader: How?

Blind Gary: As the Smart Money would. By Buying the decaying 3X leveraged funds. On Maximum Margin. Then hope will find you again.

Unfortunately, it is here that the story really changes from the video above.

Newbie Trader takes the plunge (metaphorically AND Literally). Buys 3X Funds on margin.

Broker offers to set stop loss (the rope?)...but Newbie Trader declines.

Accounts goes to zero 3 weeks later.

The end. 
For more on Gary's atrocious calls and his ability to rape the small investor while enriching himself with yearly subscription fees, please read http://smartmoneytrackerpremium-exposed.com/