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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The village idiot is out with another JNUG call

Gary’s multiple calls for JNUG $500 were before a 4:1 split.
But Gary has quietly stopped referencing that. Now JNUG has to “only” go up 29 fold instead of 116 fold.
In fact after a 4:1 reverse split, JNUG is still below the $23 that Gary bought it at. That my friends is the true definition of a loser. 

Now here is the deal. I have never in my life, seen anyone so wrong for so long on EVERYTHING.  He is really due for a right call. In fact, it would be Black Swan Event if he did not get something right in the next 3 months. Do not be fooled when that happens. Do not be fooled by his "trial offers". They are just a way to sucker you in.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Living on a prayer

Reimagined words for Gary's Livin' on a Prayer

Once upon a time not so long ago

Gary's picks are down on the rocks
Four portfolio resets this year
He's down on his luck...
It's tough, so tough

John works the website all day
Working for his man,
He brings home his pay
For love, for love

He says, "We've gotta hold on to both our balls.
It doesn't make a difference if the subs make money or not.
We've got the fees and that's a lot.
For greed, we'll give it a shot."

Whoa, we're half way there
50% loss and we still don’t care
Take this 3X trade and we'll make it - I swear
Whoa, livin' on a prayer

Gary’s fighting the Bankers all day
They keep ruining his trades
What used to work, no longer does
So tough, it's not fair

Subs dream of running away
When they cry in the night
Gary whispers,
"Baby, it's okay, grow a pair...

...We've gotta hold on to both our balls.
It’s a bull market, nobody cares about the price you bought.
We've got the bubble phase and that's a lot.
For greed, we'll give it a shot."

Whoa, we're half way there
50% loss and we still don’t care
Take this 3X trade and we'll make it - I swear
Whoa, livin' on a prayer

Monday, May 15, 2017

Now for something totally fucking different

Considering that I have peeps here that are struggling with health issues, I decided to take a completely different turn this weekend.  Since I love to research, I have researched supplements as well. I have found some interesting stuff that I thought I would share.

First off, I am not a doctor. Second there is absolutely no monetary gain associated with what I am writing below. My hope is that people will get more curious about this and actually use this to find supplements that work rather than flushing money down the toilet.  Finally, do your own due diligence.

We often hear, this is good and that is bad for your health. But what really works?
This is a graph from Pubmed.Gov, showing the results of tens of thousands of actual clinical trials. It shows which supplements work and which are well…not proven as yet.  It is not an all comprehensive list but it is a lot of useful data. 

Here is the link to the infographic

Right at the top of that list is Selenium. While listed for decreasing symptoms of chemotherapy, there is also an armada of research on Selenium as a preventative agent against cancer and as strong adjunct to chemotherapy. 

Here is some nice info on the subject with the actual research papers you can read for yourself.
A 2011 meta-analysis of nine randomized controlled clinical trials including 152,538 participants established that selenium supplementation cut risk for all cancers by 24%. The cancer-preventive effect rose to 36% in people with low baseline selenium levels.
Lee EH, Myung SK, Jeon YJ, et al. Effects of selenium supplements on cancer prevention: Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Nutr Cancer. 2011 Oct 17.

Multiple studies reveal that low selenium levels in the blood, hair, or nail clippings are associated with a two to threefold increase in overall cancer risk. For specific tumors such as thyroid cancer, the risk rises to nearly 8-fold. Selenium insufficiencies are now known to increase risk of cancers of the bladder, lung, stomach, esophagus, and liver.

Rayman MP. Selenium in cancer prevention: a review of the evidence and mechanism of action. Proc Nutr Soc. 2005 Nov;64(4):527-42.

There are tons more research papers out there and while a couple of papers have said that is no impact, over 100 support that selenium is a very vital mineral to protect against cancer.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Welcome to Garyland: Where millionaires beg for subscribers

Today somebody else picked up the mantle of taking on Mr. Savage.

Gary responded in true coward fashion using misdirection ("oh Duck’s record is worse"), lies ("I actually am up 154%") and ridiculous bullshit ("I got tired of handicapping myself").
Firstly big thanks to Samhell who has since been evicted based on an email I received.

Second, my record has been spectacularly better. Including, trades recorded on the private blog, Gary’s blog and this one in real time, I have made money on 34 of the last 34 Precious Metal trades. Gary mentioned the oil trade. Sure, let’s talk about that. I made a Gold: Oil ratio prediction here.  Gary kept insisting Gold will go up and cost his subs a lot of money. Gary purposely changed the timing of that call to December which was another bunch of lies. But even then, here is why I make tons more money than Gary.
1)    I have documented my trades in real time with screenshots multiple times. I trade real capital.
      Here is just one of many examples.

   Gary has never provided this. There are 2 reasons for this. One, he is not a millionaire. No fucking millionaire goes begging for subscriptions. He is afraid if he shows that he bought 40 shares of GDX, it might show how tiny his balls actually are. Second, he does not actually trade the same as he asks his subs most of the time, because at some level he does realize how pathetic his trading is. 
2)    I understand 3X ETFS with volatile underlying assets are highly subject to decay. See these 3 posts.

Gary just does not get that. He keeps making his stupid JNUG $1,000 (which is now $4,000 adjusted for the split) claims. Never realizing that GDXJ will outperform JNUG even if his stupid claims come true.   

3)    I do not make any claims. I do not sell subscriptions. So I do not have to reset “my portfolio”.  So there is no pressure. Gary on the other hand is the worst of the worst.

Gary has no clue how to trade and he will get the occasional call right but ultimately he will blow it all. 
In his darkest moment he actually admits his complete cluelessness.

I have documented his stupidity from the beginning and 99% of my material is from his site. His calls. Taken properly in context. See posts below. I have nothing to gain from this. This is a public service work designed to save your nest egg. Hopefully you will listen. 

Baby Bull Series