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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Baby Bull: How one man spotted 60 of the last zero bull markets: Part 1

How to lose your account in 60 trades
  5 (21%)

Balls of Titanium
  6 (26%)

Baby Bull: How one man spotted 60 of the last zero bull markets
  10 (43%)

Quest for 1 trillion: 4 GDX calls at a time
  2 (8%)

The winning name for our contest name for Gary's book/newsletter as above…. albeit Von Burger had some phenomenal ones which were not included but made me eject my coffee through my nostrils. You owe me a latte dude.

As always to give the people what they want….the next few posts will be titled as the winning entry, with me actually digging up 60 examples of Gary’s genius.

Starting from Feb 2012 

1) Possible USD currency crisis and parabolic move in CRB in 2014

2) March 2012: Gold going to.......sorry I cannot read that.... 90!!!!!!!????  NO wait that is the RSI. Gary is this a log scale above the 1,900? Looks like a log scale...so $19,000 by 2015? Just a 95% miss no biggie. 

And USD going to -25...oh fuck that is the MACD. Is THIS a log scale, Gary?

3) June 2012: Same Shit....but a bit more radical ascent for the CRB. Even the last part of the 2008 run cannot match Gary's vertical ascent prediction. 

4) July 2012: When Gold "had bottomed" and was on it's way to test $1,900.  This unhealthy obsession with burritos has been pretty longstanding from the looks of it.....but I am guessing he lost all the bets and did not pay up.

5) Aug 2012: Fortunately here Gary found the chart vertical length suffice to make his point and did not start running into the indicators.....for that I am grateful. So SPX 650 by 2016? What's 1500 points between friends?

Much more to come in future parts

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