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Monday, April 3, 2017

Heads ...Gary wins $400.....Tails... he loses nothing.

So after jacking fees for his pile of cow dung from $200 to $500, Gary is offering $100 “off” this price.
Ha, wonders never cease.

So what is happening is

"You did not enjoy that awesome 85% loss on JNUG which I closed out on the weekend? No? Ok, how about I make it better for you by jacking up the price by 150%. How does that sound? And just for good fun I will throw in the Quest portfolio which ALSO goes to zero over the next 3 months. How does that sound? We cool?
Great! "

A few weeks later
"I have since then got everything wrong (including the math on how portfolio returns should be calculated), so let me lower the price by $100. How does THAT sound?"

Gary’s offer is designed for the ignorant among you, who are not aware of his awesome track record.
Please read the 7 posts below and if you still feel like subscribing then I cannot help you.


I have been in communication with Gary and coaxed him to improve his offer.
I suggested he keep the price $400 for a one year membership.
If it loses money, he pays you $400 back and an additional $400 of his own money. Since he is a millionaire and I am thinking less than 1 in Billion are stupid enough to fall for this gimmick at this point with SMT-exposed and me running at full steam, at most he will be out $2,800.

After lot of talk, some ass grabbing, a hasty handjob, a little uncomfortable silence and 4 minutes of guilt, we agreed to allow subscribers to benefit.

To qualify for this, enter any of the codes below when you subscribe


“Titanium Balls”


If the code don't fit, just lube the sides and try again...gently.

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