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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gary NEVER SOLD AT $1,275 Gold

Reposted up for newer fools he is recruiting.

I stand by my assertion that Gary’s deletion of his JNUG trade from his spreadsheet and claims that he is up 154% over 2 years does not protect him from a class action lawsuit by all those who lost money following his advice. While his trading powers rivalling a drunk monkey humping a pointy branch can be covered under his disclaimer, his deliberate, misleading and completely inaccurate marketing is not. In fact anyone who has lost serious money should be able to sue him just based on that. If he is actually a millionaire, you should be able to recoup all your losses.

One thing I noticed was that Gary’s entire fa├žade rests on convincing people that he sold JNUG at the first sign of Gold breaking $1,275. While I have provided plenty of proof here, below is a lot more proof that Gary NEVER sold. A few months back I subscribed to Gary just to provide this to you. My generosity knows no bounds. 

SMT has a hard time outperforming Treasury Bills without heavy doctoring of trades. But I like his confidence.

NO losing trades in a bull market....but Gary can make that happen.  

Reloaded more? as in never sold at first. Model portfolio still long after the big drop in JNUG and Gold closing below $1,275.  

He is right. Gary did not get to where he is in life by following the law-abiding non-deceitful ways of the "herd". 

Nowhere near Gary's target and we are in the middle of Spring. I am guessing mmwilson is not "just happy" today. 

If you entered too early, where is the entry and exit documented in your spreadsheet dipshit? Oh I forgot..no exit. 

And finally below some more comments from that time. Note the 75% loss comment. All of this is conspicuously missing from Gary's trading record. 

Drewv, you my friend actually have the balls Gary keeps pretending to have. Well said bro. 

Now for a little tough love. There are people who have seen all the proof of Gary and still refuse to stand up to him on his blog for fear of being banned/their subscription canceled. Your subscription fees are a sunk cost. If you honestly believe Gary has something positive to offer you (Beyond the ultimate contrary indicator) then I have no sympathy for you. 

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