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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Baby Bull: How one man spotted 60 of the last zero bull markets: Part 8

Parts 1-7 can be read in the archives.
Gary relentlessly makes wild calls which have no bearing in reality.
 $500 Silver.
 $1,000 NUGT.
$10,000 Gold.
And yet eventually a few dodos find their way to his subscription. Previously Gary hid in the shadows and nobody had documented his “work”. Now, in spite of large evidence to the contrary (this and SMT-exposed sites, both visible with simple Google searches), why do people subscribe? I have two theories here.
1)    The average IQ is 100 and the people subscribing are really, really dumb….we are talking sub 85 here.
2)    People actually believe they are smart enough to separate out  his very few “good” calls ( and I am going to say those are less than 5%) from his repeated bad “calls”.

Whatever the case may be, I think the evidence on his stupidity should have reached a critical mass, but it has not. That bothers me.  So here is another post documenting some of his more recent really stupid calls.

Gary called for another 500% to 1,000% rally on JNUG to suck in another round of subscribers in the beginning of 2017. If you fell for it, the only 500 you made out with was the donation you gave Gary's "Just see if I give a fuck" foundation.

JNUG actually rallied less than 15% from that point. and now is down 50% from point of his call.

Note that absolute prices are different due to yet another split impacting the 3X funds.

Let's look at another. Gary calling for a decline in the EURO and a bottom in the USD.

These are particularly instructive as Gary has been calling for the USD to crash for the better part of, AND I SHIT YOU NOT,.....A DECADE.

So the moment Gary actually gets a slight decline in the $USD, Gary starts calling for a bottom. This was wrong and the EURO rallied another 400 pips above that level with the $USD declining another 3.5%. 

These simple calls illustrate Gary's modus operandi. 
1) Keep calling for something.

2) Be wrong for months to years.

3) Claim victory as soon as the market finally turns.

4) "Book" minuscule gains and try to lure new subscribers in by giving the appearance of being cautious.

 "Look at me, I took small gains, so when I call for $70 trillion price of Silver I am not just breathing asscrack air all the time...am I?"

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