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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Weekend wrap! By  Bginvestor
I thought it would be interesting to do a weekend recap illustrating some of the more interesting charts that members have been discussing throughout the week!  These are taken from my “lunch charts” from stockcharts.com
USD - Daily

Did USD break the down trend?  Personally, I wanted more confirmation than two days of price action, but that didn’t help my miner’s positions..

$GOLD -  Daily
$GOLD hasn’t had the opportunity to test the long term resistance line yet.  Still think it should..   RSI needs to turn around 50 very soon to be a convincing rally IMHO

CPG – Daily
Can you say double bottom? ;)  Entered again just a few days ago for round two of fun and games..

DIA – Daily
Ok, so you’re going to tell me that this is not a decent short entry?  Short SDOW!!

EXK – daily
I cringe every time I look at this chart!   
Duckwhorocks "The divergence between Silver and the Silver miners (not just this one) is quite dramatic, specially with a favourable backdrop of positive stock market. This chart convinces me that we will see a 15 handle on Silver. "

GDXJ – daily
I posted this up mid-week, and didn’t get any feedback..   It’s just so obvious that we’re going to get a decent bounce..  and it looks like it started this afternoon.  I bought GDXJ @ 33.91

HCHC – daily
A few of the members bought this..  I’m just looking..  However, I really like that fib fit and if it hits 61.8% with structure, let’s say, I’ll be very tempted..

JO – weekly
JO doesn’t look impressive on the daily right now, but it has a great basing pattern on the weekly.. check it out..

LABD – daily
Tempting anyone?? lol
Duckwhorocks " I think IBB is going up 30% in 2017, which if it happens would cause LABD to go down 90%."

PEI – daily
REITS didn’t have a particularly strong week..   However, look at that potential bottom support.  I got my eye on u!

PPLT – daily
My guess is that this is more of a buying vs. selling opportunity.  By the way, I’m not confident if that’s the correct support line.. I’m guessing at this point.  Not happy with the channel height..

UGAZ – daily
UGAZ reminds me of Vegas!   However, I really like the setup.  I’m guessing Mark does too..

SLV – daily
Crazy week for SLV…   I made a quick 10% on DSLV..   Thanks to members that got me thinking..
That’s it for now; have a great weekend!

And don't get Trapped!

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