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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Who is Gary Savage/Toby Connor?

Spot the 10 differences between Toby and Gary.

Sorry that was a trick question...there are none.

So, who the fuck is this guy? He even chose the same damn picture. Not that I would recommend it, as an art of deception but he could shave that beard off and move the piercing to his dick, so at least somebody might be fooled. 

Why do I care? Gary Savage/Toby Connor is a scam artist. I understand enough of the markets to know that he understands next to nothing. What he does know is how to sell. That soothing, glib voice telling you "I am a multi-millionaire....and you will always be the dumb money." Gently adding "Folks...this is nothing new....we are in a bull market" by which he is referring to the bull market in his subscriptions.  I care because he will destroy portfolios with his snake oil salesman charm and I am hoping to help spread the word. Those who followed my comments and trades on Gary's website between August and December, saw that I got everything right and he got everything wrong. You should have been able to see him for the true idiot he is. If you did not, then read his archives and this wonderful, wonderful site

http://smartmoneytrackerpremium-exposed.com/ and if you still want to invest with him....well you deserve everything you are about to get.

A few more people who have felt that Gary and Toby have not been spectacular.
and here are some discussions about him having a publicist ( I have my doubts that he would have publicist specially when he cannot spell it.)

  And let's end with Toby/Gary's second best call ever. 

Only off by 80% or 340% depending on how you measure it.  


  1. Gary is certainly a scam artist. He lives in a cheap little shack in Las Vegas, in one of the poorest areas with the lowest real estate prices in the country. It's obviously the most he can afford.

    The tell that he is lying about being a multimillionaire, is when he bragged about a 10k donation. He doesn't know that 10k is a very stingy and tiny donation for a real multimillionaire, so you'd never mention it, just like no one brags about donating pennies at a gas station.

    He needs the money from newsletter sales, because he keeps going bankrupt trading. That's why he kicked you out.

    If Gary didn't need the money from subs, then it's better to have great traders like you on his blog. If subs leave, who cares. But he obviously needs the money. Almost all newsletter writers pretend to be rich when they're actually broke, and Gary is no exception.

    1. Hello. How do you know where he lives? I am curious.

      I did leave a few minutes before he probably kicked me out....I knew my last comment would have sealed the deal in his head I am an ok trader not a great one :).

    2. My point is that most letter writers put ego ahead of money.

      That's just human nature.

      That's why retail trading blogs tend to be contrary indicators, with the exception of a few talented traders posting on them.

      I respect that you are well-intentioned in this blog, in trying to change human nature. But you understand that trading could never make any money, if ego and human nature could actually listen and change.

      That's why it's a little fruitless to point out a trader's legitimate faults, because the ego's reaction to that is to become even more defensive and arrogant, instead of admitting fault and changing. So what you're doing ends up backfiring, and makes a trader's faults even worse. :)

      For that reason, perhaps consider that instead of this tactic, it may be wiser to just see the good side of bad things you can't control, such as the fact that you can make money, because someone is willing to take the opposite side from you.

      Btw, thanks for repeatedly voicing your concerns about a gold correction in September. I didn't think your concerns were valid, but I considered it anyway and realized that you had a good point, so I sold and waited to buy.

      You saved me a lot of money, because I never would have considered it without you waving your arms and making such a fuss, so just saying thanks.

    3. I am glad I could help :)
      Look, I don't have all the answers and I do stupid shit, but Gary is so far below average that he is very destructive. I don't care about the millions of mutual funds that take 1% management fee and underperform the indices. Worst case people will make 1-3% less than the stock market. Here people can suffer a total wipeout. I have to bring it up. If a few people don't subscribe listen to his nonsense as a result..it will be worth it!

    4. I hear you. A letter writer trading emotionally is exactly what attracts the most subs though, no matter how much you warn people.

      That's why the newsletter business is good for the writer, but destructive for subs.

      Traders who actually make their money from trading (not newsletter sub money) are inherently contrarian, so they just aren't agreeable sheep. So they'll only attract the very few traders who are specifically seeking different opinions that may upset them emotionally, but are good for their accounts.

      If a letter writer bends his morals to get sub money, he will tell subs what they want to hear, rather than presenting the truth and discipline that no one wants to hear, much less pay for.

      So I'm glad you're creating a place for talented traders. That being said, I'd like to continue to hear your thoughts on assets, rather than agreeing with me about emotional letter writers and telling me what I already know. :)

  2. Thanks for the mention and the article posts gang - very much appreciated.

    I called this idiot out years ago, and seemingly - nothing has changed.

    1. Hi.Nice to see you here. Thank you for your work. I consider what you did a public service.
      I will visit your blog as you seem to have some pretty good handle on currency trading.

  3. I also got the boot from his public blog because i wasn't one of his sheep that always agreed with him.

    Keep up the work. Many subs don't know the dangers of 3X ETF's.

  4. Nice to find some like minded individuals here at this blog....I had had enough of Gary's ridiculous suggestions to go "all in" etc....so irresponsible.

    I do get around the currency markets indeed. Cheers all.