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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gary the little lamb

Gary Savage, of the Smart Money Tracker blog, with his astounding stupidity has made me laugh so hard that I feel like a have pulled at least 4 muscles. What amazes me more is that people are still subscribing to him.
Anyway, my only comment about the market:
A freak-out if it happens, should be bought. Most likely it will be (if it happens) over 1st Quarter GDP.
And here is why.  
Hat Tip to Jeroen Blokland.

And Maxdog, Spanky is not welcome here. Neither is any other Permabear/Doomer/Gold Bug. Spanky fit all 3 (usually people are all 3, although those idiots at THEAUTOMATICEARTH.COM fit only the first 2). 

Please do not invite him…yeah it is like the vampire principle. 

Finally since we do not just inform...we entertain.....

Thanks to LSPOONER for superb contribution and helping me past sticking points.

                                                    Gary the little lamb 



Gary was a little lamb,
Who was fleeced white as snow.
he got chased out of metals,
so he bought UPRO...
The Gold bull will make us rich he said
The Fed has overplayed their hand

But it is 7 years later
and a few dollars less.
Entering at the top
oh what a mess!

He keeps using his cycles,
They were not supposed to fail,
But the only bottoms he is catching
Belong to strippers at Chippendales!

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