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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Gary Savage/Toby Connor vs the Duck

I just visited Gary/Toby's blog and he called me an "Internet Troll". Well, I thought I would use the opportunity to show Gary's subscribers exactly how this troll has been teaching Gary a thing or two about trading.
Not necessarily in order here are a few.

 1) The first debate

Gary’s video summary: Sharp drop in is the USD. Gold going from $1,350 to $1,450-$1,500
My Comment

What actually happened?
Gold down. Never came close to those numbers Gary was talking about. Oil Up. Gold oil ratio down.

Duck 1 Gary 0

2) The second debate.

What actually happened?
Blood bath in Gold stocks.
Blood bath in Yen.

Duck 2 Gary 0

3) In response to Gary's video that Gold would go up a lot

What happened? We came awfully close to $1,150 already although Gary's blog will show I turned bullish at $1,166 for the short term.

Duck 3 Gary 0.

4) The yen was apparently going to be the strongest against the the USD.

As per my comments above, and others around the same time, I expected the Yen to get decimated.

Duck 4 Gary 0.

5) Where is GDX heading?

Further comment in October

Gary Mining stocks have completed week 1 of a new intermediate degree cycle. They are now expected to rally for 14-18 weeks. This video discusses the price projections for GDX, GDXJ and JNUG for the upcoming advance.

 We got $20.32 ...pretty close to the 1 handle on GDX ($19.99), whereas Gary called for $31.

Duck 5 Gary 0.

Now what is the point of all this? If a slightly better than average trader like myself (I'd give myself 6.5 maybe a 7 on 10) can completely destroy this idiot and he calls that trader a Troll, what does it say about him?

He has still not sent me money for the Burritos :(

And to end we will leave it with subscriber's comment.

Just a 70% loss, nothing to write home about. Now that dodo will point out that he kept a stop at $1,275, which he did not because you can see from the subscribers he talked from both sides of his mouth there......but even if he did....it was an approx 50% loss in JNUG.

So Gary/Toby,

Ask not for whom the duck trolls
It trolls for thee. 

Hope you enjoy the Ernest Hemingway reference...I worked hard on that


  1. Rule #1
    Gary is always right.

    Rule #2
    If Gary is wrong see rule #1

    1. Lol. I was sent the those when I started posting at Ultra Dumb money site.

  2. Gary was also throwing his weight around on StockTwits last summer.

    Take a look at his comments.


    He hasn't posted since October

    1. He is just, really, really early.
      WHat that nitwit does not understand, is he cannot do be remotely this early with 3X shares.
      Even the money managers who bought in 2008 at S and P 1,000 or S and P 1,200 are looking smart now. a 3X leveraged fund would never make it back.

  3. Good that you copied and pasted some of these comments before Gary erases them all. Calling you an internet troll after you handed his ass to him for months was a real low, even for him. Didn't even pay off his burrito bets? Loser! Looking forward to your next round of predictions.

  4. And a list of his famous "Bottom Call's"


    1. Wow. That is a lot of bad calls.
      I think his biggest issue is that he is wrong more than 50% of the time....but never in doubt and he bets the farm each time.

  5. How about those NUGT massive volume bottom call's too.


    1. The NUGT stuff just befuddles me. He does not get that decline in prices coupled with increase in volume equals same $$$$ traded. A 4th grader should get that. Gary does not.

    2. Oh, I would mention that and even post charts to no avail...


    3. I did not know you could run unadjusted charts on stockcharts! That should have put his theory to rest in a heartbeat.
      Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Did I mention how handsome you are? You've got to be the sexiest avian in the pond, although my wife says penguins are cuter.

    1. Hahaha...You won the day.....When I start my "newsletter" you will eligible for a 50% discount :)

  7. Just noticed that someone named LTR spent a lot of energy and time defending me.
    Whoever you are...Thank you.

  8. I'm enjoying this recent display of outrage. I didn't even realize Gary was still such a big presence in the financial blog world. I remember debating him (it must have been 8 or 9 years ago) back when his subscription service was a market update delivered via email, as well as all communication. I would have thought his thing would have fallen by the wayside given the much greater sophistication of market analysis available online these days. The guys got longevity, which I guess is more of a statement on many of the participants in equities trading.

    1. If a multi-millionaire could produce 60-80% a year (Gary claims far higher)...why would he need 2000 subscribers paying him $200 a year? That logic seems to be lost of most of them. I have had 3 good years in a row and even now I struggle with getting more than 40% a year. I still have a full time job because I am scared that eventually the run will end. I wish I had Gary's confidence :(

    2. Yeah, regular jobs, for the most part, suck. I was lucky enough to have been in the software gig, being a partner in two startups, and retired at the tender young age of 34, which was 23 yrs ago. Shit I'm gettin old.
      As for market performance, I had one 92% year, but over the long haul (been in the markets for over 30yrs), if you can make close to 40% avg per yr, your doing great. You don't have to be Euler or Einstein to realize that anyone, who started out with a fair amount of capital, claiming to make over 50% a year for an extended period of time is either quite wealthy or full of shit.
      I knew Gary had over a 1000 subscribers at one time, but if he actually has as many as you say, I might have to get into the market prognosticating business.
      I'm pretty sure I could help people make decent returns with a lot less risk.

  9. Funny how in 2015 Gary said:

    Gary Post author
    August 3, 2015 at 1:34 am
    It’s not a recommendation to buy NUGT. That thing is a widowmaker.

    He should have taken his own advise

  10. "Just like I've been saying for months now..."

    Wow was he wrong.


    Dollar went from 80 to 100


    1. And his love for trolls.

      gary Post author
      July 23, 2015 at 4:20 pm
      I don’t remember which troll it was, but at the time he was quite nasty about expressing how wrong I was about the dollar.

      I just thought it was appropriate that I remind him he was the one that was wrong.

      Of course that troll is now hiding back under his bridge. He would never have the balls to come back and admit he was wrong. That’s how it is with trolls.

    2. Gary's ego is quite inflated.
      If Gary is interested, and not totally turned off by the relentless drubbing I gave him, he can accept a challenge. We can both posts our trades on his website, using only non-leveraged funds. If he loses, he refunds everyone their subscription money for the last 3 years. Should be a piddly amount for the self proclaimed millionaire. If he wins, I will dedicate a shrine to him and compose hymns of praise.

  11. Gary is wrong and so are many. The problem is that he will get it right one day then says I told you so, everybody else are stupid.

    This one got it all right https://conciousspeculator.com/ got it all right.