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Friday, December 2, 2016

What is going to happen on this site

1) The original mission to educate gold bugs is still on going.

2) I will publish my daily trades, if I feel like it.

3) The site will become restricted and require password access at some point.


  1. Sold a couple hundred shares of AG - First Majestic this morning.
    Have traded it a few times this year.
    I know, one of these times I'm going to miss a 10-bagger because of trading.
    But booking profit is such a delicious hobby!

  2. If you really are genuinely interested in building this website, you should post a daily market commentary.

    I think you have valuable insights. It is always good to hear a well reasoned contrarian view in order to prevent groupthink. Debate is always good.


    1. Not really feasible with my other commitments. I am considering trading for a living full time...should that happen I might extend what I do here.

  3. If this "blogspot" proves to be unsatisfactory, here is a suggestion; start a Facebook page.
    In some ways I really hate Facebook, but there is one huge bonus to using it; posters can be blocked and never ever have to see each other again.

    I've seen a few sites destroyed because two or three egos don't have the ability to ignore each other, and just keep bashing away day after day.
    For example - kereport is much more pleasant now that Bird is gone. He's very knowledgeable and often a pleasure to read, but he just can't stop with the little digs that get other posters riled.

    1. Good suggestion. I will consider it.
      Let's see how it goes.

  4. I see other posters here seem to know you and perceive a certain wisdom. Do you have another blog I can reference?
    Erudite and accurate analysis are not something I normally associate with market blogs. In fact based on my over 30yrs of participation, I find intelligence is not necessarily equatable to market success. An understanding of sociology/psychology and statistical analysis might be your best scientific tools.
    For my money the equity markets are more akin to a Ponzi scheme than a think tank.
    I stated some educated guesses in the comments of the previous post and will add;
    General market: Short term consolidation/correction followed by new highs another short consolidation/correction in feb '17 followed by more new highs.
    Precious metals: A little trickier, but a short to medium term relief rally followed by new recent lows and eventually a more sustainable bull. Using gold as a Proxy, I'm looking at resistance first at 1200 then 1250-75, 1300, 1350-4000. Much less likely but always possible the 1550-75 area.
    Happy trading.

  5. BTW. My last comment on Smartmoney was "I am outtie. I will not post here any more. Gary Savage/Toby Connor can have his site." I believe that was deleted and I probably am blocked, although I will never find out as I will never check.