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Friday, December 2, 2016

My problem with Gary Savage/Toby Connor

I have no issues with people getting it wrong.
It is with getting it wrong, and pretending you are the messiah.
It is getting it wrong and saying manipulation killed your trade.
It is getting it wrong and telling people I got it right.
It is getting it right once, after calling 50 bottoms in the last 5 years and saying you are the best.
It is calling for S & P 500 to go to 500, 500 times than acting like you have been bullish all your life.
It is telling people to put 20-50% of their money in metals which comprise of 3X leveraged fund, essentially creating a delta on 60-150% of their money and then strutting around because he made 53% by taking 3X leverage which frankly any dodo would get right once in a while on 3X fund.
It is parading indicators like NYAD which he does not even understand come from 52% of the wrong indicators.

Yeah I knew he would delete my comments, specially after I mentioned his alternate ID.


  1. Spot on Duck. Gary's background is a restaurant owner, competitive weight lifter, and a daily rock climber. Yet people follow him like is some real financial guru. There's a site dedicated to exposing the truth just as you are doing: http://smartmoneytrackerpremium-exposed.com/
    Keep up the good work and thank you for all your insights.

    1. He is quite the charlatan.
      I have come across many and he is the best.

    2. Thanks for sharing the site. I will look that up to make sure I don't duplicate their efforts :)

    3. You left out ex owner of a mens strip club. Yes, I said mens.

  2. Let's stick to market news rather than being little girls and bitching about others. I met you on Gary'site so something positive. Many people are interested on your market views rather than your current spats! How will the Italian referendum influence Euro, markets and gold tia?

    1. Yeah you do not get to choose that. You get the whole package.

  3. Don't let the banning/deleting get you down.
    I was kicked outta there a few months ago for complaining about the low volume on his videos.

    1. That seems highly intolerant to ban you for the volume. I would think Gary/Toby and his giant ego would love to turn up the volume.

  4. Good catch on my malapropism in my comment on the last post.
    Any thoughts on the precious metals trade and equity market in general?
    I'm, at the moment, thinking this is only a very short term correction in equities to work off overbought conditions.
    As for gold my guess is this is a relief rally and we will likely see a retest of the lows from late last year and possibly even a move 5 to 10 percent below that. Silver maybe as low as 12 or even all the way to 10.

    1. Well as you know I am currently long indirectly through puts and the timing seems good. I would look for a bounce to $24 on GDX.

      Longer term I think your silver targets are too low , in my opinion.

    2. Agreed. That is why I prefaced it with maybe. More likely 13 to 14 or, who knows, maybe the lows are almost in. I'm already cautiously trading the long side of both miners and silver. Thanks.